Want to speed up your recovery? Or sick of an injury that keeps returning?


Tai Chi and Chi Kung are able to strengthen the mind and body. With regular practise it can aid recovery of injuries and help prevent recurring injuries. The class we hold for Tai Chi and Chi Kung in Lincoln can help you achieve your next sporting goal.

The benefits of Tai Chi and Chi Kung practice can be categorised into three broad groups:

  1. Physical

    1. Strengthens the physically body (muscles, joints, bones)

    2. Improves softness and flexibility (especially of the waist, pelvis and hips)

    3. Develops stability and balance

    4. Develops sensitivity (ability to respond swiftly and appropriately to external stimuli

    5. Develops leg strength

    6. Improves agility

    7. Quickens reaction speed

    8. Develops mechanical efficiency (adding strength to our movements through the use of mechanical advantage derived from correct posture and movement rather than brute force

  2. Mental

    1. Alleviates stress

    2. Improves focus

    3. Promotes calm