T'ai Chi Chuan - Tui Shou Workshop

Spring is in the air and what better way to celebrate than getting in touch with your softer side.

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Who should attend?

Anyone who currently practices or has an interest in practicing T’ai Chi Chuan

Chi Kung Students who would like to further develop their practice and attain the following skills

Anyone who wishes to obtain the following benefits and skills or just inquisitive after reading about this

What is Tui Shou?

Often translated as “pushing hands”, despite there not being much of that at all!  Tui Shou is the term used to describe partnered exercises designed to develop the following skills:

  • Leg strength
  • Rooting/stability/balance
  • Softness and flexibility (especially of the waist, pelvis and hips)
  • Strength from structure as opposed to muscular force
  • Agility
  • Timing and rhythm of movement
  • Sensitivity to subtle or rapid changes in direction
  • Reaction speed
  • Understanding of the direction of force and how it can be neutralised with little force (hence the saying passed down in the T’ai Chi classics “use the force of four ounces to repel a thousand pounds"
  • “Invest in loss”, i.e. the process of learning by experiencing losing one’s rooting or stability
  • For those who practice T’ai Chi, help make their sequence practice develop deeper meaning, feel and flow

These are all skills that are practical in our daily lives, whether it be in moving heavy objects, avoiding falls and other accidents or purely developing our health through exercise and play.

Benefits of practice:

Put simply, the acquisition or further development of the above skills.

Why attend a workshop?

Weekly classes are great for working with other people, teachers and fellow students alike. However, the time afforded by a workshop allows one to delve much deeper into the ocean that is T'ai Chi.

Come and join us for a relaxed morning of practice and discussion, interspersed with tea-drinking!

As with previous workshops, this  event is open to everyone, and details are available either on our Facebook group or by calling 01522 809371 or you can book by clicking here or email us sean@lifestyles-hma.co.uk

Workshop structure

After a brief introduction to the fundamental principles involved, there will be lots of practical play with a variety of different drills.

The emphasis will be on playing and having fun whilst discovering our potential for development in the above areas.

As usual, there will be regular tea breaks to give your legs a rest and ask questions out of the group

The next workshop is:

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Special Offer:

Introduce a friend* and get your own fee half price!

 *Offer open to all people bringing a friend who is new to Lifestyles Healing and Martial Arts.  Payment to be made via a single transaction, for both attendees in advance of the workshop, to take advantage of this offer.

Booking and Workshop Fees

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Fees:  £20 if paid for in advance, or £25 on the day.

Payment methods:   Cash, cheque or credit card.

Paypoints:  Credit card payments via this website; in person at weekly classes or at our clinic on Moor Lane; by post to 41 Moor Lane, North Hykeham, Lincoln LN6 9AE.

Please make cheques payable to Sean Barkes.


Elena Munns

'Well delivered, excellent hands on learning experience.'

Bud Stevens

'Great practical theory, a chance to try it out and good fun too!'

Simon Talbot

'The workshop gave a brief but brilliant insight into the fun and benefits Tai Chi can offer. 3 hours of my life I would gladly repeat!'

Kevin Money

'Well delivered-Great Fun!!'

Rachel Bavin

'Finding my centre of gravity'