Got a query you're not sure about? Here's a list of frequently asked question. 
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Q. How many different classes can I go to?

A. As many or as few as you please. Obviously, the more you attend the faster and deeper the progress you will make.

Q. Do I need to pay a separate registration fee for Tai Chi and Chi Kung classes if I want to study both?

A. No, the one registration fee covers both Tai Chi & Chi Kung classes

Q. What kind of clothes should I wear to the classes?

A. There are no specific requirements. Wear whatever you like. However, loose, comfortable clothing is recommended.

Q. Are there other things I can doing to aid my learning other than the classes?

A. Yes! Regular practice is the best way. However, you can support your learning by referring to our student resources web page

Q. If I don't enjoy the classes am I able to get my registration fee refunded?

A. No. The registration fee contributes towards the cost of processing new registrations and is non-refundable. You are, of course, free to discontinue classes at any point. We don't think you will want to, though. But then, we're just really enthusiastic! You may rejoin classes in the future without having to pay another registration fee.

Q. Can I pay for a block of lessons at a discounted price?

A. Yes. There is a discount for paying for a whole months's classes upfront.